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Cockatoos are native to Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. All species of cockatoos are endangered in the wild, with the Moluccan, Lesser Sulphur-crested, Citron-crested, and Goffin's being the most seriously endangered of the species commonly kept as pets.

Cockatoos are extremely cuddly, affectionate, beautiful, and intelligent. They are also very emotionally complex, and improper care, diet, or stimulation can easily result in plucking or mutilation. Cockatoos are generally pretty good talkers, and they love to vocalize. They can be very noisy birds, sometimes screaming just because they like to. Owning a cockatoo requires a lot of work and can be frustrating at times, but can also be very rewarding.

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Alfie Big Sweetie Bogey BooBoo
Alfie - Goffins Big Sweetie - Moluccan Bogey - Goffins BooBoo - Umbrella
Buddy Casper Charlie Coco
Buddy - Umbrella Casper - Umbrella Charlie - Cockatoo Coco - Bare-Eyed
Easter Gabby George Gracie
Easter - Umbrella - Adopted! Gabriel - Umbrella George - Bare-Eyed Gracie - Bare-Eyed
Ivy Jojo Maggie Myka
Ivy - Moluccan - Special Needs Jojo - Umbrella Maggie - Moluccan - Special Needs Myka - Umbrella
Sammi Shadow Snowball Sweetie
Sammi - Moluccan Shadow - Umbrella - Adopted! Snowball - Umbrella Sweetie - Umbrella
Sweetpea Winston    
Sweetpea - Umbrella Winston - Umbrella    
*Birds in foster are currently being kept at private residences, not on FFSR premises. Special arrangements need to be made in order to meet these birds--please call FFSR during phone hours (11a-4p CST) for more information.


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