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Artie is the officially now our oldest bird in our sanctuary, sitting at 65+ years old.

Arthur, lovingly called Artie, is a male Yellow Naped Amazon. He arrived to us in early January and joined the flock officially in February. He is a very vocal Amazon, and loves to show you his noises when he's excited!

Arthur does spend a large portion of his day napping, but he does have his moments where he is active. After eating his breakfast, he usually snoozes for an hour or two and then does a few power laps around his cage. He likes to chew on paper and wooden toys, and is not very interested at this time in plastic or metal toys.

Artie will step up onto a perch with confidence, though let it be noted that due to his age he does have some trouble with gripping perches. He previously had a broken foot several years ago, which was treated accordingly and may be contributing to his poor foot grip. Artie will step up onto an arm or hand, but because of his balance he does use his beak to step up. If startled or struggling to step up, he can give a firm pinch at times.

Are you looking for a senior companion to add to your home? We hope Artie can find his match soon!


Species Life Expectancy: 60-80+ years

Minimum cage required: 36" x 24" x 48"

Minimum bar spacing: 1/2" - 1"

What I eat here: Goldenfeast 1/3 cup daily, Harrison pellets mixed in.

My favorite treat(s): Grapes, carrots, apples, cashews (unsalted)

*Adoption fees are given once a bird is placed on hold and has been visited multiple times. Our fees vary based on age, health, handleability and length of time at our sanctuary, so our fees change regularly as each bird is re-assessed*

Want to donate to my care? Here are some things that I would really like!

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Apple Chew Toy

PVC & Wood Hanging Toy

Hanging Branch Toy

Cashews, unsalted

Walnuts, unsalted, unshelled

Bird Bistro : Cinnaspice blend

Harrison Pellets

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