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Bill and Betty


Bill and Betty are our bonded pair of African Greys. They are about 45 years old. Betty is noted to be the Grey with the 'long hair' on her head, whereas Bill is noted to be the Grey with the 'buzzcut'. The pair were imported from the Congo over 4 decades ago and have been used for breeding their entire lives, up until now.

While we don't post our African Greys, we concluded that with these two we will need to make an exception. These two were not handled their entire lives, and they are initially suspicious of newcomers as a result.

Bill tends to be the more outgoing of the two, and he will vocalize and interact with those he is interested in, though he only does so through the safety of the cage bars. Betty will shriek and scream until she is left alone. When attempting to interact, the two will fall harshly to the bottom of their cage and are extremely fretful.

While we require multiple visits prior to any adoption, anyone looking to adopt these two should expect to be held to the same adoption standards. Owning an African Grey and keeping one happy are two separate challenges. Greys need consistent stimulation, a proper diet, and thrive off of routine. We believe that the two could hold potential to be trusting and affectionate in the future, though any potential adopters should be warned that it will be a very long road to get there.

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