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Buddy is a 3 year old (assumed) male lovebird. He arrived to our sanctuary in May of 2023. 

Buddy is a very sweet guy with a troubled past - his previous owner rescued him from an unsafe living situation. Because of events that occurred with Buddy, he is skittish and fearful of hands.


He will gladly step up onto an arm, wrist, or shoulder. He then enjoys traveling down your arm to preen any arm hairs , moles, scars, or other features he can find. He loves to gently tap his beak on your cheek or ear for more attention. Buddy is flighted, and a very good flier, so this should be noted for his future owner.

Species Life Expectancy: 15-30 years

Minimum cage required: 24" x  24" x 24"

Minimum bar spacing: 1/4"-1/2"

What I eat here: Goldenfeast Patagonian Blend 3 tbsp daily, Harrison pellets mixed in.

My favorite treat(s): Millet, Chop/Mash mixture, lettuce, banana

*Adoption fees are given once a bird is placed on hold and has been visited multiple times. Our fees vary based on age, health, handleability and length of time at our sanctuary, so our fees change regularly as each bird is re-assessed*

Want to donate to my care? Here are some things that I would really like!

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Helix Toy

Hanging Paddles Toy

Pinwheel Toy

Pistachios, unsalted

Millet Spray

Bird Bistro : Topical blend

Harrison Pellets

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