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Chandler is a 15 year old male Grey Cockatiel.  He recently arrived to our sanctuary with two other cockatiels, though seems to be much happier living separate among other birds.


He is a very friendly bird and loves to make clicking noises back at you. If you sit by his cage and say "Pspsps" he will get very excited and run to the front, eager to mimic and talk back to you.


Chandler needs a little convincing to step up, but once he steps up and is away from his cage he loves to whistle at you and preen your hair, clothes, etc. He is not a very food motivated bird, but would appreciate some treats, still!

Species Life Expectancy: 15-25 years

Minimum cage required: 24" x  24" x 24"

Minimum bar spacing: 1/4" - 1/2"

What I eat here: Goldenfeast Patagonian 3 tbsp daily, Harrison pellets mixed in.

My favorite treat(s): Scrambled eggs, millet, banana

*Adoption fees are given once a bird is placed on hold and has been visited multiple times. Our fees vary based on age, health, handleability and length of time at our sanctuary, so our fees change regularly as each bird is re-assessed*

Want to donate to my care? Here are some things that I would really like!

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Wiggles and Wafers Toy

Hanging Paddles Toy

Bellpull Toy

Millet Sprays

Bird Bistro : Topical blend

Harrison Pellets

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