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OB is a male Moluccan Cockatoo in his twenties.


OB enjoys singing, dancing, and blowing raspberries! He is a very fun and outgoing M2, but can be extremely unpredictable. He loves music any dances to anything ranging from heavy metal to show tunes. His favorite things to do include playing catch with a ball to hopping around on the ground like a bunny.


Because of this, we do strongly prefer that any potential adopters who are interested in working with him have large bird experience. He needs to go to a home with no children under 12, no dogs, and no cats.

Adopters will need to have previous bird ownership experience of a larger bird (Amazon, Grey, Macaw, Cockatoo, etc.) to take home a cockatoo. Multiple visits are required for all birds, but expect to make at least 5 visits before taking home a cockatoo. Households that have any children under 12 are not eligible to adopt a cockatoo due to their unpredictable behavior.

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