Napples is a cinnamon green cheek conure who's age is unknown. He is believed to be a male due to behaviors in his last home, however we do not know for certain. He is guessed to be 2-3 years old, though he could be older. 

Napples was surrendered with Mango, though will be adopted out separately as they are not a true bonded pair.

Napples is very flighty and skittish initially, and he is amazing at flying! Once he finally calms down, he is a bit hesitant to receive pets, but will sit on your hand or shoulder. He is a very shy bird and is unsure of taking pets. He is easily startled and loud noises/fast movements do cause him to fly several laps around the room, often landing in a high-up spot. 

We are not certain that he understands how to 'step up', though he does allow you to scoop him up with both hands -- slowly. With time and patience, he has huge potential to mellow out and enjoy interaction with an individual or a family.