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Tangee is a female Yellow-Naped Amazon in her late twenties. She is currently our longest staying resident at 4 and a half years spent at the sanctuary.


Tangee can be a lot of amazon to handle, so an experienced bird owner is strongly preferred. She has been known to walk around on the floor and explore everything to her heart's content, and is a sucker for almonds!


When Tangee first arrived at the sanctuary, she was a huge cuddle bug and loved to be handled by others. Throughout her stay at the sanctuary, Tangee began to get extremely hormonal due to the high amount of male amazons we had at the time. She was relocated to a separate room for awhile, and upon relocating back to the Amazon room, she has been much, much happier. Her plucking has stopped for several months now, and she even has new feathers growing back on her belly, throat, and thighs.


She seems to seek interaction out more now, and is even vocalizing and speaking to volunteers more. She still has bouts of aggression, but her improvements have been huge over the past few months.

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