Babs was adopted from the sanctuary roughly 2-3 years ago, and has made his way back to us. He is a very strong-willed bird who will need an owner that is confident with bigger birds.

Babs is roughly 16 years old and is assumed to be a male. We do not know for certain if he is male or female. He is a clown, and loves to vocalize and interact with new visitors!

Babs has not lived with another bird before, so we do not know how he would react to other birds in the house. He does seem to get jealous and show aggression when you do not focus on him, so this should be kept in mind for potential adopters who own other large birds. He does not seem to feel threatened by smaller birds, though we have not tested this theory at our facility.

Babs is amazing at vocalizing, and will beg you non-stop for scritches if he decides he likes you. Adopters should keep in mind that this behavior may not show until the second or third visit with a bird. Babs is quite the entertainer and will make sure you never have another boring day.