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Riley is a blue and gold macaw who's age and gender are unknown. He is estimated to be at least twenty years old.

Riley has resided at our sanctuary for over 10 years now. He arrived to us from a Wisconsin zoo where he and his late mate Rosie lived. The two had spent their entire lives together, and prior to arriving at the zoo they were used as a breeding pair.

Rosie passed away in March of 2022. Since then, Riley has come out of his shell quite a bit. He steps up for people now to come out of his cage, and while he is selective as to who can pet him and when, he does seem to enjoy interacting with people. 

Once Riley warms up, he is the biggest sweetheart ever. Keep in mind that it can take a few visits for any bird to warm up enough to the point where they allow scritches and physical interaction. Because Riley spent a majority of his life being unhandled, he is still fearful at times when a stranger tries to interact with him.

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