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Precious is a 30+ year old male umbrella cockatoo. He is very sweet and affectionate to those he likes and very noisy and put off by those he does not.

Precious is extremely food motivated, especially for cashews, walnuts, and broccoli! He will come out on to the door of his cage and do flips when he sees the food cart being rolled out. He will also curl his foot up into a ball and shake it while muttering passionately while he gets excited -- almost like he's giving a speech!

Adopters will need to have previous bird ownership experience of a larger bird (Amazon, Grey, Macaw, Cockatoo, etc.) to take home a cockatoo. Multiple visits are required for all birds, but expect to make at least 5 visits before taking home a cockatoo. Households that have any children under 12 are not eligible to adopt a cockatoo due to their unpredictable behavior.

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