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Lukie Lou

Lukie Lou is a 17 year old male Umbrella Cockatoo.

He has a fantastic personality and loves to interact with people on his terms. Like all cockatoos, he can be unpredictable but is for the most part a big sweet heart. When his cage door is open, he will climb down to the floor and will run back and forth screaming, "Lukie Lou!" His favorite thing to do, though, is snuggle on your lap receiving endless cuddles.

Adopters will need to have previous bird ownership experience of a larger bird (Amazon, Grey, Macaw, Cockatoo, etc.) to take home a cockatoo. Multiple visits are required for all birds, but expect to make at least 5 visits before taking home a cockatoo. Households that have any children under 12 are not eligible to adopt a cockatoo due to their unpredictable behavior.

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