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Knickers is a 26-27 year old male Blue Front Amazon. He was brought in to our October quarantine intake and has been with us for almost three months.


While we are still learning new things about him, we have learned a few things already. He tends to get overstimulated pretty easily, which turns into him regurgitating non-stop. He will need an owner who is willing to work with him on negating these behaviors. 

Knickers also can be possessive at times. Whoever he is with, he does not like being taken from. He does, however, do well if the person holding him passes him off to someone else. He is comfortable being pet by those he likes.


Being an amazon, he is very vocal and can be very loud at times.
He loves interaction and spending time with people, so come meet him! He would make a great bird for someone who is looking to adopt a larger bird who has not owned one before.

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