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George & Max

*We’ve been receiving an increase in outreach regarding these two, however many people are asking if they will be adopted out separately. As you can see in the photos below, they do well being apart, but are certainly more comfortable being near or with each other. They share a cage and are bonded, and have always known one another. *

George and Max are a pair of yellow-collared macaws who are both assumed to be males. They have been at the sanctuary since April of 2021 and were surrendered due to no fault of their own. They were previously at the sanctuary back in 2014 as well prior to being adopted out. 

These two can be very feisty while in their cage, but also mellow out a LOT once they are taken out. Cage possessiveness is not uncommon in parrots, or with bonded pairs. Max, plucked, does tend to be more attached to George and is more flighty when he is out of the cage. George tends to adapt well and calms down out of the cage.

Neither are very fond of being pet (yet!) but George will gladly accept beak scritches. Both also extend their beaks toward you and ask for kisses—what’s cuter than that?!
These two are patiently waiting for their forever home. We hope they can find their family soon!

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