Lucky arrived to us last fall as a stray. He was found on a lady’s back patio looking disheveled- she noted that it looked like another bird was targeting him. The kind lady who found Lucky brought him to us where he has since resided.

We don’t know much about Lucky since he arrived to us as a stray. We assume he’s a male, but we could be wrong. We don’t know an age, if he had a different name or a name at all, and we don’t know what life he lived prior to arriving in our care.

What we do know is that Lucky has a big heart and a bigger personality. Lucky is still wary of people and is hesitant to trust, but with his past we don’t blame him.

Lucky came to us very afraid of being handled and is now at the point where he will step up onto sticks to come out of his cage. Recently, we discovered that once he gains trust in you, he will allow you to scritch his head.

He will take awhile to fully warm up to someone. We believe that he has such amazing potential hidden underneath all of his nerves and that he’s just waiting for the right, patient family to come and scoop him up.