Richie joined us this past November and is still awaiting his forever family. Richie is a sun conure who’s age is unknown. Richie has been DNA tested to confirm he is a male.

He is a very easygoing conure who will take head scritches all day long. Richie is stubborn about coming out of his cage, but once he’s out of it he turns into the biggest snuggle bug in the Midwest.
Richie is also a clown! He loves to pitter patter around the office on our counters and tables. He’s a very thorough investigator, and will inspect everything with his beak (sometimes getting a little too excited).

Like all conures, and all birds, Richie can be noisy at times, but that’s just because he has so much to tell everyone! This sweet boy has been waiting awhile to find his perfect family- could it be you?