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Rowdy is a 60+ year old male Double Yellow Head Amazon. Rowdy will only be adopted to someone who has owned an Amazon-sized bird or larger, or who has personal experience with handicapped birds.

Rowdy is blind and deaf - though we are not sure how severe either condition is. He keeps his eyes closed most of the time, and he explores his surroundings with his beak. He will need a very calm and patient owner who is willing to be slow and understanding with him for the remainder of his years. 

Rowdy sleeps most of his days, but does greatly appreciate having his head slowly scritched/pet. He makes sweet coo'ing noises, and will surely warm your heart as much as he warmed ours. Due to Rowdy's handicaps, we will be more selective through his adoption process to ensure he goes to the correct, and experienced, home. 


Anyone wanting to adopt Rowdy must have relevant ownership experience, whether it is with owning a handicapped bird or owning an Amazon or larger bird.

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