Fortune is a 30 year-old Yellow Naped Amazon. Fortune was surrendered to us because his family was moving and he couldn't go along.

Fortune loves getting a spray bath.  He also likes blonde women.  He has been around cats and dogs. He will talk once he gets comfortable in his surroundings.

Fortune can be a little aggressive when meeting new people, and would do best in a home with Amazon experience.

He does eventually calm down, but will require someone who is just as confident, if not more, than he is. Once he calms down and gets to know you, usually after a few visits, he will gladly take pets and treats. He loves to vocalize and is an extremely good talker.

Fortune enjoys socializing with the other birds around him at the sanctuary, and has consistently fallen in love with the double-yellow-headed amazons that have come and gone throughout the sanctuary. Though he seems to like being around other birds, we cannot guarantee that he will get along with other birds at his forever home. All interactions between parrots should be heavily monitored to ensure nothing goes wrong.