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Paco is a 28+ old Umbrella cockatoo. His owner had to give him up due to age and the inability to care for Paco anymore.

Paco is used to living with other birds. He loves spending time outdoors, receiving spray baths, and cuddling on the lap of those he's comfortable with. He has shown bouts of aggression when he isn't receiving your full attention. Because he is so needy, he would do best in a home with cockatoo experience that can navigate his quirks.

Adopters will need to have previous bird ownership experience of a larger bird (Amazon, Grey, Macaw, Cockatoo, etc.) to take home a cockatoo. Multiple visits are required for all birds, but expect to make at least 5 visits before taking home a cockatoo. Households that have any children under 12 are not eligible to adopt a cockatoo due to their unpredictable behavior.

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