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Corduroy is a grey cockatiel who is believed to be male, though is not known for sure. He was previously believed to be bonded with Gingham, but due to spats between the two, they have been separated.
Corduroy's age is unknown, but he is believed to be at least 10 years old. He is very sweet but timid, and can take some convincing to get out of his cage. He will hiss occasionally, but if you scoop him up in your hands he will calm down fast.
He enjoys sitting where he can see you and what you're doing, but will also accept a shoulder spot as well. Careful- he loves earrings! He isn't fully convinced he enjoys being pet, but he doesn't hate them, either.
Corduroy is a bit of a vocal cockatiel--he is not afraid to let you know when he's excited! He likes listening to the other birds whistle and occasionally can be heard joining in with them.

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