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Knickers is a 26-27 year old male Blue Front Amazon. He was brought in to our October 2022 intake period.


While we are still learning new things about him, we have learned a few things already. He does get heightened easily, as he is easily excitable. While this does not commonly turn in to aggression with him, it is something that should be kept in mind. 

Knickers loves to be held and pet. He is a snuggle-bug to the core, and can be demanding at times in wanting attention. Someone who can give him a lot of out-of-cage time would be an ideal match.


Being an amazon, he is very vocal and can be very loud at times. He will contact call with those he is bonded to in an attempt to get their attention- we're working on negating this behavior.
He loves interaction and spending time with people, so come meet him!

He would make a great bird for someone who is looking to adopt a larger bird who has not owned one before.

Species Life Expectancy: 60-80+ years

Minimum cage required: 36" x 24" x 48"

Minimum bar spacing: 1/2" - 1"

What I eat here: Goldenfeast 1/3 cup daily, Harrison pellets mixed in.

My favorite treat(s): Peppers, bananas, apples, pumpkin

*Adoption fees are given once a bird is placed on hold and has been visited multiple times. Our fees vary based on age, health, handleability and length of time at our sanctuary, so our fees change regularly as each bird is re-assessed*

Want to donate to my care? Here are some things that I would really like!

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Apple Chew Toy

PVC & Wood Hanging Toy

Hanging Branch Toy

Cashews, unsalted

Pistachios, unsalted

Bird Bistro : Cinnaspice blend

Harrison Pellets

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