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Lucy is our extremely energetic and outgoing 8-year-old Blue and Gold Macaw. Lucy has been at the sanctuary since October of 2021 and was surrendered due to her family not having the time to devote to her.

Lucy will do best with an adopter with large bird ownership or handling experience. She is amazing at gauging how others react to her antics upon first meeting, and will use that information to her advantage. She is very confident, outgoing, and stubborn. Lucy can be an extremely sweet and cuddly bird, but if she senses you are nervous, she will use that to stay in charge of the situation.

Macaws require a very specific diet and can live to be older than some humans. They, much like other birds, are a large commitment. Please keep this in mind when submitting an adoption questionnaire.

Species Life Expectancy: 80+ years

Minimum cage required: 40" x 30" x 60"

Minimum bar spacing: 1"- 2"

What I eat here: Goldenfeast 1/2 cup daily, Harrison pellets mixed in.

My favorite treat(s): Peppers, apples, melons, almonds

*Adoption fees are given once a bird is placed on hold and has been visited multiple times. Our fees vary based on age, health, handleability and length of time at our sanctuary, so our fees change regularly as each bird is re-assessed*

Want to donate to my care? Here are some things that I would really like!

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Hanging Wood Blocks

Coconut Hanging Toy

Hanging Branch Toy

Cashews, unsalted

Pistachios, unsalted

Bird Bistro : Apple Pear blend

Harrison Pellets

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