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We are not open to the public. Please reach out via  email to schedule an appointment.

Don't buy or breed,
adopt a bird in need!


Our organization could not operate without donations from bird lovers like you! If you are able, please click the button above to donate to our cause. All money received goes directly to the birds at our facility, and there is no amount too small. Reoccurring payments in any denomination can also be set up using the button above.
​Tour Notice


We have recently reopened for tours! As of January 2024, we will be allowing tours again. Tours are only available for potential adopters, surrenderers, volunteers, or donors. We do not do tours for entertainment purposes, as our birds are more than just a novelty - they are living creatures who are very sensitive to changes in their environment.

Interested in coming out for a tour? Email us your name, party size, and reason for wanting a tour, as well as days and times that work for you. We are open by appointment, so we do not have set hours of operation.



Volunteers are the life blood of any non-profit organization, but are especially important to us and our birds for numerous reasons. 


If you're interested in In-Shelter Care of Birds, Education and Outreach at stores and events, or serving on a Special Events planning committee, please contact us today! 


We need you!

Fill out a volunteer application here

Featured Feathered Friend


Meet Gabby.

Gabby is an approximately 25 year old male Umbrella Cockatoo.

Gabby would do best in a home with no other animals and one or two humans at most. Gabby does have a tendency to pick one person as a favorite and reject others.

Gabby loves to whistle, dance, and sing his special "lah lah lah" song. Gabby loves to be wrapped up in a towel and cuddled.

For more information or to meet Gabby, fill out a questionnaire!


Upcoming Events:

***Stay Tuned***


(updated March 2024)


-Skewer/Kabob toys

-Baffle cages

-Nuts in the shell (No peanuts!)

-Large Bird Toys


-Organic produce in small quantities

-Bird-safe wood blocks

-Cage donations**

**We cannot accept any cages that are rusted or broken. Please email us a photo of the cage prior to donating it**

-Brooms (regular and push)

-Gallon sized ziplock baggies

-Stainless steel scrub brushes

-Hydrogen peroxide

-Cash donations


View our Amazon Wishlist!

This wish list is updated automatically - once someone purchases something, it no longer remains an option (unless we need multiples). Sort by Priority for easier shopping. Thank you for your generosity!

Click here to be redirected to our Amazon wishlist!


We feed Goldenfeast Caribbean and Goldenfeast Amazon (mixed together) at our sanctuary for our large birds.

Our medium sized birds eat the Goldenfeast Central American blend

Our small birds eat the Goldenfeast Patagonian blend

Wild bird needs help?

Please contact the Wildlife Center of Dane County at

(608) 287-3235


or click here:

Looking for a vet?

We do not offer medical services, nor can we legally offer medical opinions.


If you are struggling to find a veterinarian near you, visit 

Feathered Friends

1570 County Road A

Edgerton, WI  53534​

Tel 608-302-1732



We are open to the public by appointment only.  Please call to schedule an appointment at least 48-72 hours in advance. We book out about 1-2 weeks in advance for weekend availability. You may not meet a bird unless you have submitted a questionnaire and someone has reached out to you to schedule a visit.



We'd love to hear from you!


VOICEMAIL ONLY 608-302-1732

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