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Who We Are

Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Edgerton, Wisconsin. For nearly twenty years, we have been committed to providing a safe haven for homeless parrots living in captivity. This includes proper veterinary care, nutrition, socialization, physical and mental stimulation, clean spacious living areas, and educated adoption guidelines.


Our mission is to give these beautiful and intelligent beings a life worth living. We will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that we accomplish this very important goal. Many birds will need our care indefinitely — some for the rest of their lives. We don't profit from placing birds and have no paid staff. Everyone associated with Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue is a devoted volunteer.


We function solely on donations and adoption fees. Donations and contributions are always needed and welcome. Every dollar that Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue brings in is used to promote our mission and provide for birds in need.


Our Beliefs

We do not breed or place birds with people who breed.


We do not sell, trade, or use birds in our care for commerce or profit.


We promote responsible guardianship of all captive birds.


We promote education on all issues of avian welfare.


We oppose the sale of un-weaned baby birds and production breeding methods.


We oppose the mass-marketing and selling of birds through pet store chains, bird marts, and internet venues.


We maintain that all captive breeding contributes to the displacement and suffering of captive birds and, with very few exceptions, does not contribute to the viable preservation of the species.


We do not condone, endorse, or promote the breeding of birds for life in captivity as long as there are captive birds in need of placement.


We support and encourage responsible legislation protecting the rights, health, and safety of birds living in captivity.


We strongly oppose legal and illegal exportation/importation and encourage all countries to adopt legislation, enforcement, and conservation policies to prevent wild birds from entering captivity.

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