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Healthy Parrot Diet and Nutriton: What should parrots eat?

Parrots need a variety of foods such as pellets, fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts to stay healthy.  Best Friends is a no-kill shelter located in Kanab, Utah and when it comes to parrots, they've done their research.  Here is an article they've written that covers the basics a healthy diet.


Our feathered friends can be real chow hounds when it comes to the foods they love!  Have you tried cooking for your feathered friends?  Here is a collection of recipes from our friends and volunteers.  Take a look and try something new.  Variety is a key factor in keeping our birds happy and healthy.

The Parrot's Pantry

A Facebook group.  The Parrot's Pantry is a group of people dedicated to feeding their parrots healthy, nutritious and enriching foods to improve all aspects of their quality of life. This is a great place to find and share healthy parrot recipes and meal ideas.

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